I’m speaking at dev.Objective() 2016

I’m happy to announce I’ve been selected to speak at dev.Objective() 2016! I will speaking on “Delivering Responsibly”.

Session Description
I’ll cover how to deliver fast, flexible and accessible websites. How you can deliver a consistent user experience to all users whether they’re on a small screen device or a 4k monitor. Whether they have a 2G connection or Google Fiber.

I’ll discuss some of the challenges we as developers face when trying to deliver responsibly and how to overcome some of those challenges. New specifications will make some of these challenges easier and I’ll cover how you can implement some of these features in non greenfield browsers.

I will discuss how http/2 mitigates some of the challenges we face, but how it doesn’t change as much as we might think when it comes to delivering responsibly.

Lastly I’ll cover the new Service Worker Specification and what it brings to the table.

Groovy, Grails and Responsive Web Design Stack Overflow

I’ve taken inspiration from Stephen Moretti and his CFOverflow twitter account and started twitter accounts for Groovy, Grails and Responsive Web Design that post the latest questions on each topic from Stack Overflow. For Groovy it posts the latest questions tagged Groovy and the same goes for Grails. I originally set these up as just one feed, but the questions coming in to the two feeds don’t really overlap as much as I thought they might so I decided to split them into two accounts.

For the Responsive Web Design account the latest Stack Overflow posts tagged “media queries” or “responsive design” are posted.

Stephen said he added some filters to prevent duplicates from posting, but I haven’t done that yet. If duplicates start showing up in the feeds I will take a look at the filters.

If anyone thinks other feeds should be added to these accounts let me know and I can get them added. Any feedback at all in appreciated

Groovy questions
Grails questions
Responsive Web Design questions

I’m speaking at Iowa Code Camp!

I’m happy to announce I’ve been selected to speak at Iowa Code Camp, May 9, 2015 at The Hotel Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids. If you’re interested in attending the cost is absolutely free for anyone wanting to attend and registration will be open shortly. I’ll have a follow up post once registration is open.

I will be speaking about Responsible Responsive Web Design. In the 75 minute talk I’ll be covering what responsive design is and how to build a website using it. I’ll also cover how to design a responsive website responsibly – How you can delivery a consistent user experience to users on small and large screen devices and how to decrease your website’s page size quickly and effectively to make your website load fast even on slow internet connections. Lastly, I’ll cover how to use the newest HTML5 specifications even on browsers that do not have native support.

A big thanks goes out to Scott Jehl, who wrote the book Responsible Responsive Design that inspired this talk.

NCDevCon – Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

I announced this a while back on twitter, but I’m formally writing something up here. I’ve been chosen to speak at NCDevCon on Responsive Web Design. I spoke on this topic at cf.Objective(), but will be modifying my talk to include more information on em’s and rem’s and other available framework options.

I’ll be talking about what exactly responsive design is and if you should use it’for your website. I’ll also cover the most common misconceptions and explain exactly how it works.

I’ll be covering many of the available frameworks and discuss the pros and cons of each one. I will also talk about emerging best practices and who the industry leaders are when it comes to designing a great responsive website.

My original talk is located here. If you attended my presentation and there was anything you particularly liked or disliked please let me know. Any and all feedback is welcome.

cf.Objective 2014 – Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

I tweeted this out a while back, but I have been selected to speak at cfObjective() 2014! I blogged in early November about my proposal and the people have spoken! I hope to see all of you at the conference!

Responsive Web Design has been a buzzword since the term was first coined in May 2010. Come find out what this emerging technology is all about as you are introduced to the basics of Responsive Web Design. We’ll cover your current options when it comes to designing your own website and we’ll also discuss emerging best practices and a few examples from industry leaders. We will also take a look at how you can test your responsive design without owning one of each device out there.

Target audience

Anyone interested in creating one website for every device

Assumed Knowledge

Basic CSS and HTML experience

What the audience will learn

  • What is responsive Web Design and how does it work
  • When is responsive Web Design appropriate?
  • Pro/Cons of using a framework
  • Fixed vs Fluid layout
  • Best Practices for developing a site
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Who is using responsive web design?

If you’re interested in attending head on over to cfobjective.com and register before March 1st to get an early bird discount.

cf.Objective() Proposal – Getting started with Responsive Web Design

Interested in learning about responsive web design? Head on over to the cf.Objective() Trello board and vote for my talk on Responsive Web Design and any others that you would like to attend.

Here’s a brief description of what my talk will be about

Target Audience: Anyone interested in creating one website for all devices

Assumed Knowledge: Basic CSS and HTML experience

Objective: Introduce responsive web design and why it’s important

Why I’m Qualified: Part of a team that created a mobile website for a large insurance company.

What the audience will learn:
What is responsive Web Design
When is responsive Web Design appropriate
Pro/Cons of using a framework
Fixed vs Fluid layout
Concept of columns and grids

Anything else you’d like to learn? Feel free to comment here and/or on the Trello board and if my talk is selected I’ll try to work a few suggestions in as well.