Opening/Editing Sharepoint documents in Chrome

If you’re like most people you don’t use Internet Explorer for any of your web browsing needs unless you’re required to. Thankfully most websites are compatible with most browsers and those instances are few and far between. If you use Sharepoint though, you know most activities function much better when you use Internet Explorer and some functionality is not available.

For example if you want to edit a document clicking the EDIT button gives you an error saying it cannot find the appropriate program to edit with. Thankfully I stumbled across an “edit in browser” option. When viewing a document click on the “…” which brings up a pop up. From there click on “…” again and you will see an Edit in Browser option. Not all functionality is available when you do this, but for most quick edits this will work excellent.


Firefox Open Pop Ups as Tabs

We have an application at work that was built for IE 5.5, so this may have made sense at some point, but it opens up 3 new windows before you actually get to the useful part of the application. In Chrome you can right click on the title bar and choose “Show as Tab”, but Firefox doesn’t have that option. Thankfully there’s an about:config setting you can change to force all pop ups to render into a tab rather than a new window.

If you’re not familiar with about:config simply type about:config into the address bar and hit go, just like it’s a normal url. You will likely get a warning about “voiding your warranty”. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” and the search for newwindow. You will see an entry with a Preference Name of “” and a value of 2. Change that value to 0 and all pop ups will open as tabs.