Filtering Amazon Wishlist items with price drops

Amazon has recently changed their filters on wish list items so you can no longer view items with price drops (useful for books) or sort price from low to high. I wrote up some fairly crappy JavaScript that scrolls to the end of your wish list then removes all the items that don’t have ย “Price dropped” in the div. I sometimes need to run the code more than once to get all items to be removed, so this is far from perfect, but works for what I was intending it to do. If you have a few hundred items on your list it will take a few seconds to run the script, but each subsequent run should run pretty quick.

Update: I added this to github.

function removeItemsWithoutPriceDrops() {
  var lowPrice = 999999;
  var anyRemoved = false;
  var listItems = document.getElementsByClassName('a-spacing-none g-item-sortable');

  for (var i = 0; i < listItems.length; i++) { var priceDrop = listItems[i].querySelectorAll('.itemPriceDrop'); var price = listItems[i].querySelectorAll('span.a-offscreen'); if (price.length) { price = price[0].innerHTML; price = price.replace('$', ''); } else { price = 0; } if (priceDrop.length == 0 || price > lowPrice) {
      anyRemoved = true;

  if (anyRemoved) {


You can also add the following code directly to a bookmark by copy and pasting the code into this generator.

You can also copy this exact code into a new bookmark javascript:(function()%7Bfunction removeItemsWithoutPriceDrops() %7Bvar lowPrice %3D 999999%3Bvar anyRemoved %3D false%3Bvar listItems %3D document.getElementsByClassName('a-spacing-none g-item-sortable')%3Bfor (var i %3D 0%3B i < listItems.length%3B i%2B%2B) %7Bvar priceDrop %3D listItems%5Bi%5D.querySelectorAll('.itemPriceDrop')%3Bvar price %3D listItems%5Bi%5D.querySelectorAll('span.a-offscreen')%3Bif (price.length) %7Bprice %3D price%5B0%5D.innerHTML%3Bprice %3D price.replace('%24'%2C '')%3B%7D else %7Bprice %3D 0%3B%7Dif (priceDrop.length %3D%3D 0 %7C%7C price > lowPrice) %7BlistItems%5Bi%5D.parentElement.removeChild(listItems%5Bi%5D)%3BanyRemoved %3D true%3B%7D%7Dif (anyRemoved) %7BremoveItemsWithoutPriceDrops()%3B%7D%7DremoveItemsWithoutPriceDrops()%7D)()

If you’re having issues with your wishlist loading in all items you need to addย ?sort=universal-price to your URL. For example

31 thoughts on “Filtering Amazon Wishlist items with price drops

  1. I don’t understand how to use this (script). Copy and pasting to search web didn’t do anything. Can you please explain how to use? Thank you!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for this workaround… much appreciated and useful!

    Can you post an updated ‘drag this to your bookmarks bar’ link with the updated script?


  3. This took at least several minutes to go through my list of 500+(?) items (Amazon seems to have removed the “telling you how many items are on your list” feature, which makes me think that it buying Whole Foods is an indicator of imminent decline due to general incompetence and flailing) on a higher end laptop Intel Core 2 Duo, bouncing up and down on the page. So if you have a ton of stuff on your list, and depending on your machine, don’t worry if it seems to be “stuck.”

    Also, can you write up something that tells us how many items are on the list now?

    I don’t know why Amazon has decided to make itself a place that’s harder to find and buy stuff.

  4. Can you please advise as to how we can use the script you created? I would really appreciate being able to use it. Thank you.

    • The best/easiest way is to literally click on the link at the bottom of the post and drag it to your bookmarks bar. Once that’s there open up your wishlist and click on the bookmark you just added to your bar.

  5. Thanks, Matt! Not quite as nice as actually being able to sort by price but as long as Amazon are being jerks and taking away functionality that saves us money, it’s a good alternative. I appreciate you releasing it to us non-coders.

  6. Thank you!! I’ve been complaining to Amazon for weeks about them ditching the Price Drop filter. I used it primarily for ebooks that go on sale and I’ve missed it terribly! My list was useless. Now, it’s not. Your code worked! There were about 45 seconds of scary screen twitching and jumping, and then BOOM, there was my list with all the lovely price drop percentages. Thank you!

  7. Thanks! Now if there is anything that helps remove or delete unavailable items from our wish list that would make my list more current and accurate.

  8. Thank you! This works perfectly. I have a list with >1,000 items. Results were returned within a minute. I had saved my former filtering in a bookmark. For several months, neither the price drop, nor low-high sort was executed, but about a month ago, the sort came back, with a nasty side effect — it takes about four minutes to open the page, and once open, scrolling became so painfully slow, as to be mostly useless. After dragging the script to my bookmarks, I can open my Amazon page, wait for it to complete sorting, click the script bookmark to eliminate 90% of items that don’t have a price drop, it’s still sorted low-high, but now I can scroll through the items!

  9. this isnโ€™t working for me anymore, is anybody else having an issue getting it to work ๐Ÿ™ I really hate Amazon for taking away their filter and sort functionalities!

  10. I suddenly can’t get this to work anymore. It worked a few weeks back and now I don’t know if I am not running it properly or what the deal is?

    Last time I remember you had the link on the blog and I dragged that to the bookmarks bar and it ran fine.

    Now I go to github and I don’t know if I am not saving the right file or what the deal is? Any help would be appreciated.


  11. It’s not working for me just yet. User error I think since I don’t do anything wit code. I added it to bookmarks, then opened wishlist, then clicked on the bookmark dropdown menu, but when I click the link (called “permalink” in the dropdown, it navigates to this blog page. Thanks for the help on this.

  12. There is another way to do it that isn’t as sophisticated as this script. What I do is go down to the bottom of my list so that all the items populate to the web browser, and then I do a ctrl-F to do a “find” and I search for the word “dropped.” All items that have price drops will have the words “Price Dropped XX%.” So you can highlight and toggle through all the items with price drops.

  13. Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me get this to work. Last year I was able to add this to a book mark and it worked perffectly! I am trying to add it again to my book marks but I can’t get the link to work. Does anyone know how? And help would be great! Thanks so much in advance! This is a great tool to use since Amazon took away the story my price drop feature. Thank you for making this!

  14. For anyone having trouble with making this work as a bookmarklet, copy the above code to the generator link he provides and then make the following changes before you click the “convert” button:
    Change: ‘<‘ to ”

    This at least makes it run again, although there is still some kind of flaw that where I had to scroll down through my entire list (so the whole thing is loaded) before running clicking the bookmarklet

  15. I apologize, I’ve tried to comment twice, once because I didn’t think my first went through, and when it finally did I realized it encoded my solution so that it no longer makes sense. The problem is the less-than and greater-than symbols in his code are html encoded, which the bookmarklet doesn’t seem to like. At least for me, in both Chrome and Edge.

    You need to find the encoded greater-than and less-than in the code and replace them with the actual symbols (> and or <

  16. …And now it cut off my comment. Here is the rest of it, and I’ll try not to comment anymore on this post:

    ..actual symbols (> and or <

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