Hard refreshing in Google Chrome

All of us are probably familiar with ctrl + F5 to hard refresh a page but I ran into a cool feature in Chrome today that will save you a second or two if your hand is already on the mouse. If you have the consoleĀ open and long press on the refresh button you’re given three options

  1. Normal Reload
  2. Hard Reload
  3. Empty Cache and Hard Reload

You can already disable cache while the console is open but this option will empty the entire cache and re-download everything on the current page. The difference is if the current website has content loaded through a CDN this will force a re-download of that content.


Aligning monitors vertically in Windows

At work I have dual monitors but with my docking station can also use my laptop as a 3rd monitor which is great. The thing that always annoyed me was my laptop was my third monitor and was located all the way to the right, so to get to it I had to mouseĀ all the way to the right. A minor annoyance for the convenience of having 3 monitors. I mentioned something to someone about this the other day and they asked why I didn’t position my laptop monitor as below the dual monitors and I said “I would if I could”. Then I opened up the monitor control panel and tried to drag the monitor below and lo and behold it worked! I’m not sure why I never thought of this before as it seems so obvious now.

This would also work if you have one external monitor positioned directly above your laptop. Rather than scrolling to the right to get to the 2nd screen you can scroll verticallywhich is a lot more intuitive. This works with the Intel Control Panel and also with the GeForce Experience Control Panel.

3 monitors 1 below


Groovy, Grails and Responsive Web Design Stack Overflow

I’ve taken inspiration from Stephen Moretti and his CFOverflow twitter account and started twitter accounts for Groovy, Grails and Responsive Web Design that post the latest questions on each topic from Stack Overflow. For Groovy it posts the latest questions tagged Groovy and the same goes for Grails. I originally set these up as just one feed, but the questions coming in to the two feeds don’t really overlap as much as I thought they might so I decided to split them into two accounts.

For the Responsive Web Design account the latest Stack Overflow posts tagged “media queries” or “responsive design” are posted.

Stephen said he added some filters to prevent duplicates from posting, but I haven’t done that yet. If duplicates start showing up in the feeds I will take a look at the filters.

If anyone thinks other feeds should be added to these accounts let me know and I can get them added. Any feedback at all in appreciated

Groovy questions
Grails questions
Responsive Web Design questions