NCDevCon – Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

I announced this a while back on twitter, but I’m formally writing something up here. I’ve been chosen to speak at NCDevCon on Responsive Web Design. I spoke on this topic at cf.Objective(), but will be modifying my talk to include more information on em’s and rem’s and other available framework options.

I’ll be talking about what exactly responsive design is and if you should use it’for your website. I’ll also cover the most common misconceptions and explain exactly how it works.

I’ll be covering many of the available frameworks and discuss the pros and cons of each one. I will also talk about emerging best practices and who the industry leaders are when it comes to designing a great responsive website.

My original talk is located here. If you attended my presentation and there was anything you particularly liked or disliked please let me know. Any and all feedback is welcome.