cf.Objective() Proposal – Getting started with Responsive Web Design

Interested in learning about responsive web design? Head on over to the cf.Objective() Trello board and vote for my talk on Responsive Web Design and any others that you would like to attend.

Here’s a brief description of what my talk will be about

Target Audience: Anyone interested in creating one website for all devices

Assumed Knowledge: Basic CSS and HTML experience

Objective: Introduce responsive web design and why it’s important

Why I’m Qualified: Part of a team that created a mobile website for a large insurance company.

What the audience will learn:
What is responsive Web Design
When is responsive Web Design appropriate
Pro/Cons of using a framework
Fixed vs Fluid layout
Concept of columns and grids

Anything else you’d like to learn? Feel free to comment here and/or on the Trello board and if my talk is selected I’ll try to work a few suggestions in as well.